Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It is VERY VERY cold these days (X_X;) In my hometown Fukui, it snows!! My mother said snow bothers her because she has to take snow off in front of our house when she goes out.
Last Tuesday night, it was very cold night, I played dodge ball with the members of circle in the park. About 20 members joined dodge ball game. We have two balls, one is soft and the other is hard. At first we played game with soft ball but as we played the games and we got excited, we used hard ball. It was very exciting game. We were all serious and boys throwed earnestly. It made girls scare! Anyway, we had good time(o^_^o)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Regular Customers

At my part-time job shop, we have regular customers. We staff often talk with them friendly. Last Friday when I worked, one of the regular customers came to our shop. He looks very strong and scary, but actually he is very nice and funny man. He said to me that ' I came to here to eat because I ate a bad barbecued chicken a while ago.' According to him, he went to eat barbecued chicken but it was horrible. So he came here for savory. It's funny story and I'm grad that he think our Raman is good taste.
However, our regular customers are always good customers. Some customers are strange. I will introduce about one old woman. The old woman is known as strange. Every time she comes to our shop, her behaviors bother us. For example she sings songs, speaks to other customers, and so on. The other day the old woman came to our shop with her friend and she tried to pay their bill by acorns instead of money!! I wasn't the shop at that time, but when I heard the story, I was very surprised.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The End of November

Hi! It is already end of November. Time pass very quickly!! Few days ago I bought new schedule book for next year. I can't believe this year will end soon(^_^;)
These days I'm busy. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays I join the activities of circle. And Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays I have part time job. Plus, I have homework to do. I don't have enough time to take rests (>_<)
Actually, I don't join the activities of circle so often before. But from two weeks ago the managing staffs of our circle changed from older members to our age members. I was at a loss whether I would be the managing staff or not, but finally I decided to be one of the managing members. My job is to plan events after we play tennis. Since I become the managing staff I spend more time for our circle. I don't have a lot of time to spend for myself and I get tired, but I enjoy everyday☆

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Unlucky Day

This is a story of Tuesday. That day was unlucky day for me (>_<)
I have a first period class, so I usually left my house at eight fifty-five. But that day I woke up at eight thirty. So I prepared for going to school very quickly, and I went to school. However, the class was cancelled!! If I knew that, I didn't have to go to school so quickly (;_;)
Anyway, I decided to do my homework for another class. When I was about to print out my paper, I realized that I forgot bringing a floppy disk! I wrote my paper last night!! So I went back to my house to take the floppy disc (^_^;)
The bad things didn't end. When I arrived in front of my apartment, I noticed that I didn't have my key because I left my bag at school! I didn't want to back to school and I go home again, so I went to the aunor of my apartment, who live up on my apartment, and I borrowed my room's key.
That's why this Tuesday was unlucky day. I thought all bad things happened in a day.
I hope next week wil be good week☆

Thursday, November 10, 2005

School Festival

Hi! Recently it is very cold and in the morning I can't get off my bed soon. It takes me about thirty minutes to get off my bed and start to prepare for school(>_<:) Today is also very cold in the morning, but the son is very warm. So I want to take a nap...
I went to school festival for two days. I like the mood of school festival. It makes me exciting. During school festival our circle made and sold crepes. Every year our circle open crape shop. It's out tradition. I also helped to sell crapes. Our crape shop was very busy during festival so the sales were good ☆ And many fourth grade members and guraduated members came to our shop. I haven't seen them for a long time, so I was very happy to meet them. I also looked around other shops and I ate many foods my friends made. I enjoyed school festival(o^_^o)

Friday, October 28, 2005


Today I spend almost time in front of computer, so I'm very tired...
Recently it's getting colder and colder and the time when the sun appears is shorter and shorter so it becomes dark soon. I'm a little sad. It's autum and winter is coming soon!!
Today I will write about my younger brother. I have a brother who is four years younger than me. He is rebellious stage. He lives with my mother (because my father lives in Yokohama because of his job, and I live alone in Hirakata) but they don't get along well. He always strikes an attitude of definance. So he and my mother always have argument. My mother often ask me to help on the telephone. I can understand what she have to say, but I can understand his, too. I think I should take neither her nor his side, so I often say to her, "please live together at peace!" That' s only what I can say. I would rather be concerned with their problem... What is worse, he might remain in the same grade! He gose to technical college and it is said that students who go to this school have to study hard, or they can't graduate school for five year. My brother got terrible scores last semester. So my parents worry about him all the time. My father often say to me "YOU should go right way, please" It's a little pressure for me (^_^;)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Birthday Cake

Today, October 21th, is Hayashi's birthday!! Happy Birthday Hayashi o(>▽<)o After the class, we will have birthday party at Kana's house♪ We will make make stew. I'm really looking forward to birthday party(*^_^*)
Yesterday I and Yamayu made a bithday cake for Hayashi. Of course, she doesn't know we made a cake. At first, we wanted to make an apple pie, but she doesn't like apple pie so much, so we decied to make a sponge cake. We decorate cake with fresh cream, mandarin oranges, and white peaches. And Yamayu drew a picture of Miffy with chocolate because Hayashi likes Miffy. The cake was very cute! So we hope she will be like it☆